Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Some Things to Consider About Domestic Violence

We have all witnessed scenes of domestic turmoil, and whether it is people arguing loudly in their homes or actually becoming physically violent with one another, there are laws about such moments. If you are someone who has had domestic violence or spousal abuse charges leveled against them after such an incident, the first thing that you must do is to find an experienced and domestic violence attorney.

In the Las Vegas area a good lawyer can often act quickly enough to prevent charges from even being filed by the City Attorneys. If, however, such a thing should occur you will need their assistance to limit the damages that such claims can have on you current and future life.

If you say that you “only went to the house to get my stuff”, but you had a temporary restraining order against you then you could face several charges. If you didn’t have the restraining order, but went to the home to talk to your spouse, they could have filed everything from stalking, harassment, and criminal trespass claims against you as well.

All of these matters come with somewhat serious penalties, and even if your spouse decides that they would rather not pursue the matter, in the State of Nevada they will not have control over the issue. Once the claims are made and the authorities are called in, it is a matter for the legal system to decide.

Just like DUI and drunk driving arrests, spousal abuse or domestic violence charges are issues that remain on your permanent record. If you cannot stop the charges from being filed, your attorney can work with the District or County to limit the impact of the claims. You may be able to have Office Hearings instead of a courtroom trial, and your DUI lawyer may be able to demonstrate that the claims were not as initially stated.

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