Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sports Brain Injuries

A lot of attention is given to head injuries in sports. Recently several pro football players have been sidelined due to concussions. Brain injuries that have recently been looked over as minor or not significant enough to keep them off the field. So, why have these incidents been given more attention? Will it become more prevalent in the future?

A lot of these new precautions stem from the fallen heroes that are now unable to play and have some lasting effects from head traumatic brain injuries they received in the past. Nobody argues that a concussion doesn't harm the body. What is argued, is how much it harms. We know if adolescent athletes are more susceptible to a serious concussion. Since the brain is still developing, the swelling from trauma to the head can cause brain damage or even death. In several cases, teenagers have received blows to the head in a game and removed for only a play or two. The initial blow causes fluid in the brain to build up and a second blow can be fatal.

It is important to know all of the facts about head injuries for yourself or you child's safety. Make sure they have the proper equipment that fits properly. If they receive a blow to the head, make sure they are looked at by a qualified physician.

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