Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Government Debt Discharge Programs or Bankruptcy - Misleading TV Advertising

Last year a multitude of TV commercials were running for loan modification companies, citing the government program “Hope for Homeowners” and “Making Home Affordable”. Many of these commercials had video of President Obama and strong wording about the governmental program.

Recently, a similar looking commercial has been airing, citing a government program for debt discharge. The commercial leads one to believe that it is a new program and now available. However, it is really just add for a debt relief agency, offer bankruptcy filing help, under the US Bankruptcy Code.

There is no Federal credit card debt relief stimulus program – the ads are just desperate sales pitches. Often, the exact same ad runs, with a different toll free number. Essentially, bankruptcy attorneys and debt relief agencies are buying calls from the commercials, by having each phone number route to them as the advertising agreement calls out.

A much more effective way to help people is to be honest, and be found by people who need your help. For example, to best help people on the California Central Coast, a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Santa Barbara, CA has a informative website that caters to people in the area, with unique content photos of the nearby area. This is what helps people make good decisions, not a misleading Ad on TV that doesn't provide insight about credit card debt discharge.  If you needed held what would you do?

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