Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nevada Amputation Accident Attorneys

Amputations are some of the most serious injuries that a person can suffer. An amputation refers to the loss of a limb or part of a limb, either partially or completely. Amputations typically occur in auto and motorcycle accidents, in the workplace, or from the use of defective products.

When a person suffers serious injuries in a Las Vegas car or motorcycle accident, doctors may have no choice, but to separate the severely damaged limb from the body. In other cases, amputations occur naturally through the force of the accident. In either case, injury claims can be made against the parties responsible for the injury.

Amputations in the workplace are typically linked to the logging and construction industries. The use of sharp machines, powerful tools and rotating equipment can expose a person to risk of injury, when the limb comes in contact with blades or rotators. Defective design of equipment can also contribute to an amputation. For instance, industrial machines that have a high risk of causing injury to a user, must come with sufficient safeguards that protect the user from getting too close to the blades, or turn the machine off if a person's limb gets too close to the blades.
Treatment for Amputations

Treatment for amputation will include re-attaching the limb or part. However, this can depend on several factors. For instance, if the limb has suffered severe tissue or nerve damage, as in the case of crushing injuries, it may not be possible to reattach the limb. Success rates may also be higher for the attachment of upper limbs than lower limbs. If the affected area has been starved of blood for a long time, the reattachment may not be successful. It's also important that the limb that has to be reattached, is immediately found and kept in ice, to allow for the implantation.

An amputee may find that the process of re-attachment, and then learning to use the limb all over again, can be a long and complex one. The surgeries involved in re-attaching a limb are extremely precise and sensitive. Once the surgery has been successful, the person may have to undergo months of therapy to learn to reuse the newly reattached limb. It's also very likely that the amputee may suffer from a certain degree of loss of strength in the affected part. This means that returning to his old job is not possible.

A claim for amputation therefore, must take into consideration not just the high cost of treatment for these injuries, but also the lost income and future lost earning potential because of the amputation.

If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation due to the negligence of another person, contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to learn your rights.

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