Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Engineer Group Has Safety Tips for Preventing Construction Work Zone Accidents

Every year, hundreds of people are killed in highway construction work zone accidents around the country. Los Angeles car accident lawyers represent the families of victims which include motorists and truckers killed in accidents caused by unsafe conditions at highway work zones. Victims also include operators, laborers, engineers and supervisors mowed down by motorists. The rate of death and injuries in these accidents has been allowed to climb unimpeded, because of the lack of set guidelines for highway work zone safety.

Now, the American Society of Safety Engineers has released new standards for work zone safety. According to the ASSE, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has very few standards in place that govern work zone safety, and therefore, the ASSE has stepped in to fill this gap. The standards are meant to protect the lives of motorists, truckers as well as construction workers from work zone accidents.

The ASSE has developed a series of safety tips that motorists must follow when they're traveling through a construction zone.

  • Pay attention much before you reach a construction zone. Look out for construction warnings that come in the form of diamond shaped, orange colored warning signs, or electronic signs that inform you of construction work going on ahead.
  • Once you know that there's construction work coming up ahead, pay 100% attention to the road, and remain alert to your surroundings.
  • Turn off all distractions. You should not be driving distracted anyway, but a highway work zone is absolutely no place for you to have your attention diverted elsewhere. Switch of your cell phones and music system. Don't fiddle with the radio channels.
  • Slow down speeds as you travel through the work zone. Pay attention to the posted speed signs at the zone. Don't slow down so much that you block traffic behind you.
  • Pay attention to the vehicle in front of you. Stay a safe distance away from it, and don't tailgate.
  • Watch out for construction equipment and debris. Remember that the man wearing a hard hat operating equipment, is a person.
  • Monitor how traffic is flowing.
  • Be extra careful when you drive through a highway work zone at night.

With construction work on in several states flush with federal stimulus funds, the risk of such accidents has only increased. Los Angeles car accident attorneys would highly recommend that motorists take these steps to prevent injuries to themselves as well as to construction workers.

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