Monday, 19 April 2010

More Allegations Emerge in Steven Seagal Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Stephen Seagal by a former assistant is getting more crowded by the day. Details are emerging about other sexual harassment episodes involving others, including Jenny McCarthy, and the plaintiff’s employment lawyers say more women are coming forward to tell their sexual harassment stories involving Mr. Seagal.

The lawsuit is also threatening to turn into something of a freak show, with the plaintiff alleging that she has juicy details about Seagal's physiological reactions to stimulation as proof.

The lawsuit has been filed by a former model who applied for a job as an executive assistant to the action star. Kayden Nguyen says she responded to a Craigslist ad posted by Seagal. According to Nguyen, the harassment began on the very first day on the job when Seagal touched her inappropriately. The harassment quickly turned serious, and finally Nguyen was forced to escape his clutches, quite literally, with him chasing her with a flashlight with gun attached. Her lawsuit is seeking $1 million in damages. The lawsuit, which is seeking $1 million in damages, also alleges that Seagal wanted to add her to his harem of sex slaves, which includes Russian women.

At the time the lawsuit was filed, Seagal was filming a reality show in Louisiana. That gig is effectively over as other women have allegedly come forward to speak about sexual harassment by Seagal. Jenny McCarthy claims she went to meet Seagal for a job, and was asked to take her clothes off. According to Nguyen’s sexual harassment lawyer, other women are coming forward to testify against Seagal.

This is where the sexual harassment lawsuit gets really interesting. According to Nguyen, she has proof of intimate relations with Seagal- she knows of a physiological reaction he has to sexual stimulation. She's not saying what it is, and neither is her lawyer, but it's likely that her legal team will use this as a means to separate other genuine victims of Seagal‘s harassment, from the fakes. The logic is that a genuine victim would be aware of this reaction too.

To a California employment lawyer, it isn’t very surprising that the mudslinging at Nguyen has already begun. Special attention is being paid to footage of an appearance she made on the Tyra Banks Show a few years ago, in which she claimed that she could “trick any guy to get what she wanted.” The clip is getting a lot of play, and the aspersions on her character have already begun.

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