Thursday, 29 April 2010

Victim of IRS Plane Crash Sues Pilot's Family

When Shane Hill went to work at the Texas State Comptroller's office inside the Echelon Building in Austin, Texas, on Feb. 18th, he never expected the events that were about to unfold. While making a mid-morning phone call, Hill heard a loud noise over his shoulder, followed by an explosion caused by a small single-engine plane that had flown into the building (which also houses the IRS headquarters for the region). The blast badly burned 25 percent of Shane Hill's body, including his back, ears, hands, neck and parts of his face. The sheer force of the explosion hit Shane Hill from behind and sent him flying. Crashing between the first and second floors of the Echelon building, the plane exploded on impact while fires destroyed the plane. Meanwhile, news of the crash piloted by Andrew Joseph Stack (or Joe as he was commonly known) spread like wildfire. Stack was thought to be a disgruntled man who went ballistic over his issues with the IRS; he was killed in the crash. Just hours before the plane crash, Joe Stack set his family's home on fire.

Now Hill is seeking justice. He filed a lawsuit last week naming Stack's wife and administrator of the pilot's estate, Sheryl, seeking financial damages for the physical and emotional suffering he endured as a result of the airplane crash that made headlines around the country.

According to the lawsuit, Joe Stack's negligence was the sole cause of the crash and his estate should therefore cover the costs of damages and injuries suffered by Hill. It is believed, according to the lawsuit, that Joe Stack had an insurance policy to cover his plane as well as his actions as a plot. Hill's lawyers contend that the policy should not go to Stack's wife but to those he injured as a result of his actions instead.

Documents indicate Hill is seeking recovery of physical pain and mental anguish, physical impairment, disfigurement, medical expenses and loss of earning and earning capacity. Though no financial amount has been disclosed, Hill is looking to recoup lost wages due to the injury as well reimbursement for medical costs. Hill has nearly completely recovered from his injuries and has returned to work.

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