Friday, 14 May 2010

Tanning Misconceptions - Spray tanning may surpass UV tanning

The LA Times has a concise article about the misconceptions of tanning, and the implications of skin cancer. The statistics are revealing:
  • 37% incorrectly believe that indoor tanning beds are safer than the sun
  • 40% aren’t aware that sunburns and tanning during childhood are linked to skin cancer later in life
  • 52% mistakenly think a base tan protects the skin from further sun exposure
  • 65% don’t realize that all UV rays are harmful for skin, regardless of natural sunlight or bulbs

The article is based on the recent results of a survey by the American Academy of Dermatology, and additional info sheds some light (no pun intended) on why people want to be  tan. 
  • 72% of respondents find tanned skin more attractive than pale skin, 
  • 66% said a tan provides a healthy glow.
  • 60% were under the mistaken impression that sun exposure is good for one’s health.
What has become very popular recently is the availability of spray tanning, providing darkening of skin using organic solutions. Mystic tan is a trademark name, but several companies provide spray tan mobile airbrushing services - a much better alternative than exposure to UV light.  As more study results emerge, and increase in energy costs as well as taxes for UV tanning, spray tanning will be more available and accepted.

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