Monday, 26 July 2010

Los Angeles Woman Killed, Child Injured in a Drunk Driving Accident

Yet another person has been killed in an alcohol-related car accident in Los Angeles. A 51-year-old grandmother sustained fatal injuries, and her five-year-old grandchild was seriously injured in an accident caused when a drunk driver rammed into their car

The woman's husband, who had been driving the car, had just pulled up outside a residence on Wilbur Avenue, and had alighted from the car to unlock the gates of the residence. The woman stayed behind in the car to tend to her grandson. Just then, a Jeep Cherokee allegedly being driven by an intoxicated driver, rammed into the Toyota Prius. The five-year old child was ejected from the car, and landed in the street. The child has suffered lacerations and body trauma. The woman meanwhile sustained fatal injuries, and was declared dead at the scene of the crash. The Cherokee driver has been arrested.

Driving under the influence can definitely be grounds for a car accident claim in Los Angeles. It's comparatively easy to prove that an intoxicated driver was driving with a blood-alcohol level above the legally allowed limit of .08. Under California laws, victims of drunk driving accidents or families of those killed in such crashes, may be eligible for compensatory damages that include both economic and noneconomic compensation. Economic damages include the medical expenses that the victim has accumulated since the accident, as well as his lost income as a result of being off work from the day of the accident. Non-economic damages can include damages for pain and suffering. These can also include loss of care, affection, companionship and consortium that can also be named in a California car accident claim.

Your Los Angeles car accident lawyer may also seek punitive damages in your claim, depending on the severity of the accident and the extent of the motorist’s negligence. Punitive damages are not compensatory, and they are awarded to punish the defendant for his actions. These are awarded only in rare circumstances.

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