Thursday, 22 July 2010

Number of Alcohol Drinkers in the US on an Increase

During the period between 1992 and 2002, the number of adult men and women in the United States drinking alcohol actually increased over previous decades. Those results came from a cross-ethnic study that found that this increase in alcohol intake was consistent across all races, including blacks, Latin Americans and whites. The percentage of men who drank increased by about 5%, while the percentage of women who drank increased by between 8 and 9%.

The one fact that really jumped out at Las Vegas drunk driving injury lawyers is that binge drinking in the US has spiked overall. There has been a spike in number of people drinking more than five drinks a day, which constitutes binge drinking. The percentage of adult white men in the US who admitted to drinking more than five drinks a day at least once a week, increased from 9% to 14%. The same kinds of increases were seen also in Hispanic and black persons.

Experts have called for a greater focus on this problem. The study only includes data between 1992 and 2002, when the economy was not as bad as it is today. Since 2008, the economy has tanked, and millions of Americans are out of jobs. This kind of stress and pressure typically leads to alcohol abuse, binge drinking and other kinds of alcohol excesses that increase the risk of drunk driving. It's highly possible that the number of Americans binge drinking is higher now, than is reported in the study.

Any increase in binge drinking is of great concern to Las Vegas drunk driving accident lawyers. This kind of behavior very often leads to motorists driving home intoxicated, and amplifies the risks of causing an accident. Las Vegas drunk driving accident attorneys would like to see a similar study conducted on Las Vegas residents. Las Vegas deals with a double whammy as far as binge drinking goes - the city's party culture is also combined with a dismal economic outlook for many Las Vegas residents.

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