Monday, 2 August 2010

Eight People Injured in Los Angeles Metro Train-Bus Accident

Eight people have been injured in an accident involving a Metro Blue Line train and a bus in downtown Los Angeles. According to Los Angeles fire authorities, the Blue Line train slammed into a bus near the intersection of Broadway and Washington Blvd. The train remained on the tracks, but the bus jumped the sidewalk. Eight people were injured, six of them on the bus. The injuries have been mainly non-life-threatening, but four of the injured victims had to be taken to the hospital for an assessment of their injuries.

There are no details about the collision, and investigations are on. Investigators are likely to look into the speed of the Blue Line train at the time of the accident. They are also likely to consider whether driver error or inattention contributed to this accident. Other possible factors could have been mechanical malfunction of the braking systems.

Considering the amount of attention that Los Angeles train accident lawyers and transit systems around the country have been paying to distracted driving, driver inattention and distraction could be one of the major factors that investigators consider in this Los Angeles bus-train accident. In Los Angeles, we have had an especially close look at the devastation that can occur when train operators are distracted at the controls. The 2008 Chatsworth Metrolink train accident in Los Angeles was ultimately traced to the inattention of the train operator. Robert Sanchez had been found to have exchanged several text messages with a young rail fan in the minutes before the train crashed head-on into a United Pacific freight train. As a result of his inattention, Sanchez missed a stoplight, and the train ended up on the same tracks and in the opposite direction as the freight train. The resulting collision killed 15 people and led to an overhaul of SoCal’s transit system.

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