Thursday, 14 October 2010

Study Confirms Parents’ Role Crucial in Teen Motorist Safety

The results of a new study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety confirm a fact of life for every Los Angeles car accident attorney. Parents have a crucial role to play in the kind of driving habits their children develop. The study also confirms that many parents continue to be quite clueless about how they can help their children develop these habits.

The study consisted of 50 families in North Carolina, who were monitored through video cameras installed in their cars. The researchers in the study were looking at certain aspects, including how parents instructed their children as they were driving, the kind of instructions that were given, and the parental response to their children's driving skills. These families of teen motorists were monitored for a period of four months, soon after the teen motorist in the family obtained his learner's permit.

During the study, 50% of the parents admitted that there was at least one driving condition that they were not comfortable allowing their teenager to drive in. These conditions included driving in poor visibility, poor weather, heavy traffic, on highways and in other challenging situations. Yet that didn't stop at least one-third of the parents from allowing their teenage motorist to get their driver's license as soon as he was eligible for one.

The study also revealed how parents monitor and guide their child while they're driving. Most parental instructions, the researchers noted, were delivered in a highly emotional tone, which does little to instill safe driving practices among teen motorists. There was little actual driving practice with parents accompanying a teenager on a driving session.

Broadly, the study has a few lessons. If you don't believe your child is ready to be driving on a congested highway, in heavy traffic or at night, allow him to continue driving with a learner's permit for a while longer. Have regular practice driving sessions with your child, and offer plenty of driving guidance.

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