Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Three Persons Killed in Los Angeles County Plane Crash

Investigators are still trying to determine the causes of a small plane crash in Los Angeles County that killed three persons. The crash occurred last week. The plane crashed into a horse corral in North Los Angeles County, and burst into flames. The plane, a single-engine Cirrius SR22 was on its way from Van Nuys to Parker, Arizona when it went down. Two persons were confirmed dead immediately, while the third died later.

While much of the focus on airline safety tends to revolve around commercial airlines, the fact is that almost no week passes without at least one fatal private plane crash somewhere in the country. In fact, federal agencies are now beginning to turn their attention to the problems facing passengers in private and charter planes.

These crashes involving smaller planes often do not involve multiple fatalities, or end with the same kind of severe damage and property loss that arises out of a commercial plane crash. As a result, they don't hog as much media attention. There is little space devoted to a crash that kills one or two people. However, private plane safety could be a matter of even greater concern than commercial airline safety, simply because of the large total number of people killed every year in these accidents in the US.

Besides, the Federal Aviation Administration regulations that apply to commercial airlines are more stringent than those applied to private aircraft and charter aircraft. There are widespread violations of safety rules, especially those involving pilot work hours. California plane crash attorneys have been very concerned about reports from pilots of small commercial aircraft, who speak of being forced to fly a plane beyond their permissible work hours, or being forced to work to their maximum duty limits, regardless of sleep rhythm patterns.

Thanks to the efforts of airline safety advocates and California plane crash attorneys, commercial airline safety is a hot button topic these days. We need to divert some of that attention to private aircraft safety too.

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