Sunday, 2 January 2011

Alabama Allows Sex Offender Alerts via E-Mail

A number of states, including Alabama, are experimenting with e-mail systems that allow local law enforcement agencies to alert residents to a sex offender moving into the neighborhood. Residents may be alerted via e e-mail. Earlier, it was up to residents to find out if there was a sex offender moving into their neighborhood. Now, with this e-mail system, people can simply sign up to receive alerts when a sex offender is released from prison, and is moving into their neighborhood.

All a person has to do to receive an alert is to provide his address and e-mail address. He will receive an e-mail alert when a sex offender registers a local home address, or begins employment at an address close to his. Residents can also get alerts when a sex offender begins school in their area. People don't have to submit only their home addresses to receive an alert. They can also submit school and day care center addresses, to be alerted when a sex offender released from prison moves into these areas. Users can also set the radius within which these alert systems will be triggered, and these can range from 500 feet to 5 miles.

Any Alabama sex crimes lawyer would wonder why sex offenders who have served their sentence are subjected to such special treatment. This is just another example of the extreme and life-long punishment that the justice system in Alabama metes out to anyone accused of sex crimes.

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