Monday, 3 January 2011

FDA Focuses on Health Risks from Male Sexual Enhancement Drugs

An increasing number of recalls and warnings related to a number of sexual enhancement dietary supplements prove to California personal injury lawyers the need to set strong regulations for this burgeoning industry. The nutritional supplement industry in the US is a massive one and a large portion of the profits from this industry are derived from male sexual enhancement products. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration took action against two different types of sexual enhancement products.

The FDA has issued a warning, cautioning consumers not to use Rock Hard Extreme and Passion Coffee sexual supplements, because of the risk that these contain an ingredient that is similar to one that is found in Viagra. Lab tests have confirmed that these so-called dietary supplements contain an ingredient called sulfoaildenafil, a chemical compound which is chemically similar to the sildenafil that is present in Viagra.

The sildenafil in Viagra can interact with nitrate-containing medications prescribed for persons suffering from diabetes, hypertension and cardiac diseases, and can dramatically lower blood pressure. This is the reason why the use of Viagra is not recommended for men who suffer from diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. If a person taking Rock Hard Extreme and Passion Coffee also takes these nitrate-containing medications, then he could be at a high risk of his blood pressure dropping to dangerously low levels.

Earlier in December, the FDA also warned about erectile dysfunction pills called Man Up Now, asking men to stop using them immediately. This warning is also related to the presence of sulfoaildenafil in the pills. According to the FDA, it has not received reports of any adverse events arising from the use of these pills, and the warning is a cautionary measure. However, California pharmaceutical liability attorneys would advise anyone using these male sexual enhancement products to consult with their doctor, especially anyone who is on nitroglycerin in the form of pills, gels and sprays.

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