Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Even William and Kate Need a Pre-Nup

Everyone loves a fairytale wedding, but the future king and queen of England would do well to remember that even fairytale weddings can go wrong. In fact, a royal wedding which involves a large amount of wealth, properties, and titles, would probably start off on a more solid footing if it included a prenuptial agreement.

There are enough warning signs to Pasedena family law lawyers in Prince William's own family to suggest that a prenuptial agreement would not just be advisable here, but absolutely necessary. The official terms of his parents’ divorce were not made public, but according to some financial advisors of his parents, his mother Diana, the late Princess of Wales, ended up with a 17 million pound settlement, which accounted for a large portion of his father's personal fortune.

In case of a divorce in the future, Catherine Middleton shouldn't be so sure that her interests will be protected as well. In the case of the divorce of Prince Andrew from his wife Sarah Ferguson, she was left with an 800,000 pounds settlement. Considering that she had been a royal bride and the financial status of the Windsors, it was a pitifully small settlement, and predictably enough, she was soon struggling financially.

The stiff British upper lip has meant that few people in that country accept the need for prenuptial agreements. The Royal family has not made an official comment about the presence of any prenuptial agreement. However, other European royals, most notably Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria who recently married her personal trainer, have been very sensible and signed solid prenuptial agreements. Under the terms of Victoria’s prenuptial agreement, in case of a divorce, her husband receives half of their private household possessions, but he has no claims on her inheritance or the throne.

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