Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Speaks Out Against Distracted Driving

Any time a motorist is distracted while driving, it affects the safety of not only other motorists on the road, but also motorcyclists. In fact, a motorcyclist may be at a higher risk of serious injury in an accident involving a distracted driver than motorists. Motorcycles have little protection, apart from a helmet, protecting them from serious injuries in an accident. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has added its voice to calls to those around the country, calling for the elimination of the distracted driving menace.

In fact, Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers believe that one of the reasons for the spike in motorcycle accident fatalities over the past decade has been the growing numbers of motorists who engage in other tasks while driving. Even a driver with his hand on the steering wheel and eyes on the road may fail to spot a motorcyclist emerging from the side of the car. When a person is texting or talking on cell phone while driving, his chances of noticing the motorcyclist in time, diminish.

You don't have to be talking on the cell phone or texting while driving to cause an accident with a motorcycle. Even tasks like changing radio stations, conversations with your fellow passengers and snacking while driving, can leave a motorcyclist with serious consequences for him/her.

Unfortunately, when it comes to distracted driving, it seems to be harder to get the message across that such practices are actually deadly. Unlike drunk driving which is widely recognized as a dangerous driving practice, distracted driving seems to be more acceptable, especially among young and teenage drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 6,000 people every year are killed in accidents involving distracted driving. Many of these are motorcyclists, and it's about time that Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers also added their voices to anti-distracted driving efforts.

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