Monday, 23 May 2011

Feds Revise Motorcycle Helmet Labeling Requirements to Reduce Accident Deaths

While California motorcycle accident lawyers stress that wearing helmets can reduce a motorcyclist’s risk of being injured in an accident, the fact is that thousands of motorcyclists are injured in accidents every year even though they were wearing helmets at the time. Many of these injuries are caused because the helmets were less than effective in protecting the motorcyclist. The federal government is now targeting manufacturers of counterfeit helmets that come with labels that look similar to Department of Transportation-approved motorcycle helmets.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is targeting the makers of so-called novelty helmets. These helmets have become increasing popular over the past few years, and pose a huge risk to motorcycle riders who may be unaware that the helmets do little to protect them from injuries in an accident. These helmets do not meet safety standards for motorcycle helmets set by the Department of Transportation.

The helmets often come with labels that are very similar to the labels that appear on helmets approved by the Department of Transportation. The Department of Transportation issues safety labels for helmets that meet the safety standards set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. This label indicates that the helmet has been tested for impact absorption, strap strength, resistance to penetration and other markers of safety. Often, manufacturers of novelty helmets simply stick on a label that claims that the helmet meets these standards. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found during testing that novelty motorcycle helmets fail almost all of the testing standards set down in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s new rules will include the wording “DOT FMVSS 218 Certified,” the name of the manufacturer and model number on the label. The agency believes this will reduce the incidences of counterfeiting of helmets, protecting motorcyclists.

Many Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys would support the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's latest moves towards protecting motorcyclists. We would also like to see more initiatives aimed at cracking down on motorists who fail to look out for motorcyclists and indulge in other behaviors that are dangerous to motorcyclists.

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  1. Motorcycle helmets are very important to avoid accidents , and i think everyone should use it