Thursday, 11 August 2011

No Reason Strong Enough to Avoid Wearing Bicycle Helmets

In any accident involving a bicycle and an automobile, it is always a bicyclist who is at risk of being seriously injured. The only protection that a bicyclist has against fatal or serious injuries is a bicycle helmet. A poll by the British Medical Journal points to a number of reasons why bicyclists put off or avoid wearing helmets.

Respondents in the British Medical Journal found a variety of reasons to oppose mandatory bicycle helmets for all adult bicyclists. For one, respondents felt that mandating bicycle helmets for all would discourage more people from taking to bicycling. Everything Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers have seen disputes this fact. In California, where we have mandatory bicycle helmet laws for bicyclists under 18 years old, the number of bicyclists has actually been increasing over the years.

Another reason that respondents gave for opposing bicycle helmet laws is that helmets have not been conclusively proven to reduce the risk of injuries to a bicyclist in an accident. A bicyclist or helmet doesn't offer 100% protection against traumatic brain injury in the event of an accident. However, it may be the only thing standing between a bicyclist and any kind of brain injury. A helmeted bicyclist is several degrees more protected than a non-helmeted one.

Other respondents believe that motorists are less likely to drive carefully around the helmeted cyclists, because they believe that cyclists are better protected in the event of an accident. There is precious little that a bicyclist can do to control motorist behavior. Wearing helmets doesn't affect the decision of a motorist to drive too close to you or make you turn in front of you.

You may find plenty of reasons why you don't need to wear a bicycle helmet, but Los Angeles brain injury lawyers can give you one why you should - they may be the only thing protecting you from serious or even fatal injuries in an accident. Helmets are an inconvenience. However, it would be foolish to risk your life on California's notoriously non-bicycle friendly streets without a helmet.

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