Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Stay at Home Fathers More Likely to Divorce

Fathers who choose to stay at home while their spouses go to work, are part of a widespread trend. In fact, the number of such men is expected to increase over the next few years, while the number of stay-at-home mothers declines. However, such fathers may be at a much higher risk of divorce. A recent study that has just been published in the American Journal of Sociology indicates that stay-at-home dads may have a distinct disadvantage as far as matrimonial happiness is concerned.

The study analyzed data from more than 3,600 couples. These couples were analyzed in a National Surveys of Families and Households study. The researchers found that unemployed men, who choose to stay at home to raise the children while their spouses went out to work, were at a much higher risk of divorce, compared to men who were employed full time. In fact, these men were just as likely to be served with divorce papers, as to be the one filing for divorce. The study also confirms that it's not unhappiness that is a predictor of divorce for men, but unemployment.

Among other things, the study indicates that women who are the primary breadwinners of the family, are more likely to feel unhappy in a relationship than stay-at-home mothers. However, the researchers hasten to add that the results of the study don't indicate that women's employment is a major predictive factor in the risk of divorce.

Researchers and Pasadena divorce lawyers are a bit surprised by the results of the study. Going into the study, the researchers believed that unhappy, but employed men are much more likely to leave a marriage. The survey doesn't seem to indicate this at all. On the contrary, it seems to indicate that unemployment and not unhappiness is the deciding factor in whether men decide to file for divorce.

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