Monday, 21 November 2011

Alabama A&M University Tops in College Crime Rates

An analysis of crime data reported by universities and colleges in Alabama finds some of the highest crime rates at Alabama A&M and Alabama State universities.

According to the analysis, which included data from between 2005 and 2010, there were 170 robberies at 11 schools in the state with the highest number of students. There were also reports of 119 aggravated assaults, and 97 reports of sexual offenses on these campuses.

Alabama A&M University leads with a total of 63 aggravated assaults on campus during this six-year period. At the same college, there were 29 robberies, 463 burglaries and 16 sexual offenses during the same period of time. Overall, the University of Alabama had the most drug and alcohol-related crimes. Students at the University of Alabama, the University of South Alabama, Birmingham-Southern College and A&M also reported the highest numbers of sexual offenses on campus. The other colleges that were studied in the analysis were Auburn, Auburn-Montgomery, Alabama State, Birmingham-Southern, Jacksonville-State, Miles, Samford, Troy, UAB, UAH, Montevallo, UNA and South Alabama.

The analysis found that one of the biggest factors in college campus crime rates is easy access to alcohol and drugs. Alabama criminal defense lawyers also believe that this is true. When access to alcohol and drugs on campus is lowered, the incidence of campus-related crimes also drops. Universities and colleges in Alabama could be doing more to restrict student access to alcohol, considering the serious consequence of crimes for these students.

The University of Alabama is experimenting with measures to lower drug and alcohol use and crimes rates on campus. This college had the highest alcohol-related arrests during this period of time with a total of 540 arrests. However, authorities have been trying to take steps to reduce the number of alcohol-related offenses. In 2009, the school began a program of referring alcohol offenders to a student services program, under which students undergo an alcohol and drug education program instead of being sent to a Municipal Court. These are the sort of measures that Alabama criminal defense attorneys believe can lower campus crime rates.

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