Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Trucking Companies Try to Steer Drivers Towards Healthier Lifestyles

Spurred by rising trucker health insurance rates and medical costs, trucking companies are investing in initiatives to steer drivers towards healthier lives. The happy result of all this is likely to be a reduced risk of accidents caused by truckers who suffer medical conditions at the wheel.

Trucking isn't an occupation that allows workers to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices. A typical working day for a trucker involves driving long hours, with occasional breaks for food at a truck stop or a fast food outlet. Food in these places is unhealthy and high in calories. Los Angeles truck accident lawyers do not find it at all surprising that lifestyle diseases, like cardiovascular disease, are so widespread in the trucking industry.

When a truck driver is unhealthy, it's not just insurance rates and medical costs that suffer. There is also a high risk of accidents involving drivers who suffer a medical condition while driving. Motorists may be at a special risk of accidents that involve a trucker, who has a cardiac arrest or goes into diabetic shock while driving.
Fortunately, more and more trucking companies are waking up to the fact that investing in their drivers’ health can not only lower insurance premiums and cut down medical costs, but also reduce their liability in the event of accidents.

Across the country, trucking companies are investing in all kinds of initiatives aimed at encouraging truckers to follow a healthy lifestyle. These initiatives include hiring fitness trainers and nutritionists to encourage truckers to get fit and lose weight. Companies are investing in on-site gyms, and offering financial incentives to truck drivers who attain fitness goals.

The need for such initiatives is dire. In 2007, truck driver error accounted for more than 85% of all fatal truck accidents, and about 12% of these accidents were the result of the driver suffering some kind of medical condition at the wheel.

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