Sunday, 16 September 2012

Spike in Sexual Harassment Complaints against Women

Women are breaking the glass ceiling in more ways than one.  As more of them successfully step up to managerial positions, California sexual harassment lawyers are finding more women linked to lawsuits that accuse them of sexual harassment.
The topic of sexual harassment initiated by women in the workplace recently burst into the national headlines, after it was revealed that 2 separate lawsuits had been filed by federal agents against the Department of Homeland Security.  The lawsuits allege that the Department of Homeland Security has a “frat-house” type of workplace environment, in which female supervisors harass male employees. 
The harassment takes place in a number of ways.  Female supervisors, according to the lawsuit, play games that are designed to humiliate male employees, and embarrass them.  Male employees are passed over when it’s time for promotions.  Interestingly enough, there have been several sexual harassment claims targeting the Department of Homeland Security since Janet Napolitano took office as agency chief.
None of those lawsuits have been found to have any merit.  However, they seem to reflect a nationwide trend in which more males are now coming forward to file sexual harassment lawsuits.  Those lawsuits do not name only women, and are targeted at both male and female superiors. 
In fact, sexual harassment lawsuits filed by males have nearly doubled in proportion over the past 20 years.  According to the Equal EmploymentOpportunity Commission, these complaints now constitute approximately 16% of all complaints.
A couple of recent cases gathered nationwide attention.  In 2011, eyewear company LensCrafters settled a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by an employee, by paying him more than $192,000.  That lawsuit alleged that the employee was harassed by female superiors, who frequently physically and verbally assaulted him.  Recently, Regal Cinemas also settled another lawsuit alleging sexual harassment by a crotch-grabbing female superior.

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