Friday, 27 September 2013

Wealthy Females More Likely to Insist on Prenuptial Agreements

According to the results of a new study published recently on Huffington Post, female millionaires are much more likely to insist on prenuptial agreements before marriage, compared to their male counterparts.
The study focused on the dating, marriage and other related practices of the superrich and involved millionaires, both males and females. The survey was conducted by
Approximately 15,000 millionaires were surveyed as part of the study.  The survey found, not surprisingly, that male millionaires have different dating expectations, compared to their female counterparts. The study found that most or close to 80% of millionaire males seek out females who are less well-off, or not millionaires.
However, in contrast, about 82% of the millionaire women said that they would prefer to date another millionaire. The researchers speculate that it is likely that male millionaires are much more interested in sharing their wealth with the less fortunate, while female millionaires are much more interested in protecting their assets.
Similar differences were seen in the attitude towards prenuptial agreements. When a person brings millions of dollars in assets into a marriage, he needs to do everything possible to protect those assets, considering that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. However, only about 17% of the millionaire males said that they would insist on a prenuptial agreement before marriage. In sharp contrast, about 82% of the female millionaires said that they would insist that their partner sign a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle.
Clearly when it comes to prenups and protecting assets, at least according to the survey results, females seemed to be the sharper of the species.

Monday, 26 August 2013

School Holiday Stress Can Increase the Risk of Divorce

The long summer vacation can increase parental stress to the extent that they actually end up considering divorce.
According to a new study that was conducted in the United Kingdom, as many as 1/5th of British parents consider divorce after the long summer break. According to the survey that was conducted by an UK-based-divorce law firm, the holidays for many British parents are not just about having fun with their children. They are also a stressed time of the year.
The survey was based on a questionnaire that was given to more than 2000 adults, and found that as many as 1/5th of parents, actually consider divorce or separation just before the children are due to return to school after the summer. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, holidays can mean great financial stress parents.
One of the more common reasons why parents end up economically stressed is the need to take expensive vacations with the family. Most of the people in the survey admitted that they did feel high financial pressure during the summer holidays, and it wasn't just the vacations that contributed to this. Expensive childcare also contributed to the expenses for working parents.
Another reason why parents often postpone their divorce or separation plans till after the children's summer vacation, is timing. Many parents don't want to spoil the summer vacations with news of an impending divorce, and therefore postpone those plans till just before their children are due to return back to school.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Feds Focus on Drowsy Driving Risks from Prescription Drugs

The number of motorists who drive in an impaired state after taking medications is high across the country. However, it has been a challenge for the federal administration to deal with this very pressing highway safety issue, because many of these motorists are driving under the influence of prescription drugs, like sleep medication.
However, Orlando car accident lawyers now see signs that the federal administration is taking these challenges very seriously. For instance, the Food and Drug Administration recently decided to reject a petition filed by pharmaceutical giant Merck for a new sleep drug. Tests showed that the sleep drug affected people’s driving abilities the next day.
Earlier this year, the agency also warned persons who took common anti-allergy and cough and cold medications like Benadryl, to avoid driving the next day, saying that many of the sedative effects of such medications are likely to carry on into the next day as well. In January, the Food and Drug Administration required manufacturers of Ambien and other sedatives to cut down dosage requirements for women by half.
The Food andDrug Administration also intends to more closely examine all sleep medications that are currently available in the market, and plans to ask companies to conduct more extensive driving tests using these drugs. The main   concern has been the person’s driving abilities, not just a few hours after he takes medication, but the morning after the person has taken the medication. The effect of many sleep medications can continue into the next morning, leaving the person feeling very drowsy and increasing his risk of being involved in an accident.
While everyone agrees on the impairing effects of many sleep medications and other medications, there are no one-shot solutions.   Medications affect different people in different ways, creating a challenge in restricting driving under the influence of these drugs.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Spike in Military Sex Crime Prosecutions

The increasing number of sex crimes being reported in the military has led to a corresponding increase in the number of prosecutions targeting such crimes. 
According to new data released by the Marine Corps and Navy, suspected sex crimes accounted for a significant portion of the major court martials that were conducted by the Marines during the first half of this year.
According to the data, during the first six months of 2013, there were 290 major court-martials, and out of these, as many as 29% or 63 of the cases involved suspected sex crimes.  In fact according to the data, the ratio of sex crime cases is even higher in the category of the most serious court-martials involving local Marines.
For instance, out of the 33 general court-martials that were conducted at West Coast Marine Installations, as many as 54% or 21 were related to sex crimes.  Out of these, seven cases involved sex crimes against children.  These crimes included child pornography possession and indecent contact. 
Sex crimes against children are some of the most serious crimes that any person could be charged with, and penalties can include lifelong registration on a sex offender registry.  Penalties can also include long-term restrictions on where the sex offender can live, and a requirement that he make any change in his address known to local police.
California sex crime lawyers know that the military is under tremendous pressure to investigate sex crimes more thoroughly, especially after a number of high-profile sex crimes in the military that have been reported in the media.  The military commitment to Congress that it will stringently prosecute sex crime cases is no doubt responsible for the spike in prosecutions.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sex Abuse Charges against Swim Coach Dismissed

Local prosecutors have dismissed sex abuse charges against a former swim coach at the University of Utah.
The former swim coach Greg Winslow had been accused of molesting a 15-year-old female swimmer under his care at a swim club where he was the coach. Winslow worked at the Arizona State University earlier as a former assistant coach, and soon became the head coach of another swim club in 2005. Under his tenure, the swim club had several swimming competition wins, and several of his members also made to the US National Jr Team. He has had a very successful career.
In 2007, he became head coach at Utah University, but in 2007, was dismissed from his position when allegations of sexual abuse began to surface.
He has outright denied these allegations that were made by the victim who is now in her 20s. She filed a report against Winslow in 2012, alleging that he had kissed and fondled her in his office at the Arizona State University swim club, and also on some out of town trips.
Right from the very start, these allegations against Winslow had several inconsistencies. For example, the victim's family members, contemporaries and other coaches denied that they had ever witnessed any kind of inappropriate behavior between Winslow and the alleged victim. The victim then alleged that some of these incidents occurred when the coach and she were on a swim trip outside the state, which happens to be outside the jurisdiction of local Maricopa County law enforcement.
Now, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office has announced that it will drop sex abuse charges against Winslow. It appears to Irvine sex crime lawyers that a grand jury failed to present an indictment in this case.

Friday, 28 June 2013

That 70s Show Actress Arrested for DUI

Lisa Robin Kelly, best known for her turn on the hit  “ That 70s Show” series was recently arrested for DUI.  This was not the actress’s first DUI arrest, and she was arrested three years back for the same offence.
The arrest occurred when the actress's car stalled on a road in Burbank, and California Highway Patrol officers arrived to help her move her car.  The officers noticed signs of intoxication, and the actress was administered an alcohol test.  She was arrested soon after, and has been released on a $ 5,000 bail.
The last time Kelly was arrested for DUI was back in 2010, when she pleaded guilty to charges of driving under the influence.  Those charges were filed in North Carolina, where she was arrested for DUI.  The actress currently lives in North Carolina.
In March 2012, she was arrested again on suspicion of assault.  That arrest was linked to suspicion of spousal abuse.
Her mug shot after her DUI arrest has been splashed across the media, as often happens after any celebrity is arrested for driving under the influence.  Reese Witherspoon and her husband were arrested recently in a much-publicized DUI arrest that also had their photographs publicized in the media.  More recently, Erin Brockovich, the woman behind the hit movie starring Julia Roberts, also had her picture plastered in the media to wide ridicule after being arrested for DUI. 
This kind of” picture shaming” on the part of the media is extremely unfair, but Los Angeles DUI lawyers believe that this practice is not likely to stop any time soon.  Kelly has admitted earlier to a drinking problem that was triggered by a miscarriage, which ultimately led to her being removed from the show. Clearly, the actress is need of help for her problem, and not ridicule.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Former Catholic Deacon Sentenced to Six Years for Child Pornography

Convictions of clergymen who have been convicted of child sexual abuse and child molestation have become so commonplace over the past decade, which they don't even make the main headlines anymore.  In the most recent such conviction, a former Catholic Deacon in Alabama was sentenced to six years in prison on charges of child pornography, but not before also confessing to sexual abuse of children in the past.
82-year-old Robert L. Nouwen has a solid reputation in the community.  However, in spite of his reputation and advanced years, the judge was not willing to be lenient with him.  According to the judge, it is important to take into account the defendant's conduct, no matter what his age.
Nouwen was charged with ordering several dollars worth of movies from a Canadian company.  The US Postal Inspection Service was able to track down his location.  However, by the time he was arrested, he had managed to destroy the movies.  Officers searched his home as well as computer, but did not find any evidence of child pornography. 
The investigation was really not going anywhere, and officers were ready to give up, when Nouwen admitted to buying the movies.  He also admitted to numerous incidents of sexual abuse against young boys that he had committed in the past.
According to the law enforcement officers, they had no idea about these sexual abuse cases against young boys, and had not intended any investigation for these.  If he had not admitted to these crimes, they would never have had a clue.
His attorneys say that the sexual crimes are the result of an unnatural and undesirable family environment.  He lost his mother when he was five years old, and his alcoholic father then abandoned him.  He was then put in an orphanage when he was 12 years old, and was sexually abused at the orphanage.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

College Women at High Risk of DUI

Most young college students, who end up meeting with a San José DUI lawyer after being arrested for DUI, tend to be young males.  However, young women in college are now much more likely to engage in the kind of dangerous drinking practices that increase their risk of being arrested for DUI.  According to new research, female college students are now much more likely to indulge in binge drinking.
The research was published recently in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experiment Research.  The study involved a total of 922 college students including 575 females and 417 minutes.  The students who were recruited for the study were required to provide reports of their daily alcohol-related habits every two weeks, through a questionnaire. 
When the researchers analyzed the results of the questionnaires, they found that two- thirds of the men as well as women exceeded the National Institute on AlcoholAbuse and Alcoholism guidelines at least once during the year.  However, when it came to gender differences, more than 51% of the women exceeded their weekly limits at least once during the year, compared to 45% of the men.
Typically, women require at least seven alcoholic beverages to end up with a toxic blood alcohol level, compared to men who might require approximately 14 drinks on an average.  However women do not absorb alcohol the same way as men do, and therefore, the chances that they will drink more unknowingly, is much higher. 
Overall, drinking among female college students is lower than among male college students, but many female college students do not seem to have a grasp of safe weekly drinking habits.  This lack of knowledge can be dangerous, and can lead to an unexpected DUI arrest.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Judge Rules Millionaire Father Does Not Have To Pay Child Support

In a ruling that San Jose family lawyers find very interesting, a judge has ruled that a custodial father whose assets are worth millions of dollars, is not obliged to make child support payments to the mother, in spite of the huge gap in incomes.
The ruling was delivered by an appeals court in New York, which ruled that the Provisions of the Child-Support Standards Act of 1989 prevented the mother in this case from receiving child support from the child's father.  The father has custody of the 9-year-old child for the majority of the time.  
The only income that the mother has is a $5,000 a month in pendente lite child support payment from the child's father, as well as $1,000 in child support payments that she gets from the father of her daughter. 
The father in this particular case owns approximately $20 million in assets.  The couple who have never lived together and never been married agreed that the father should have custody of the child during the school year, and the mother should have primary custody of the child during the summer.  The father then moved to deny that he should be eligible to pay for child support, because he was the custodial parent, taking care of the child for most of the year.  The mother insisted that because of the disparity in incomes and the fact that the child lived with her during a few months of the year, child-support should be paid. 
According to the court however, the father's wealth does not increase his liability in terms of child support payments.  The court has ruled that the Child-Support Standards Act has established a standard for child support payments that is used for determining payments.  Noncustodial parents are required to pay the amount that is determined as per the Child-Support Standards Act. 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Long-Haul Truck Drivers Can Avoid Browser Is Using Caffeine

The issue of commercial truck drivers and fatigue has been a volatile one, and that legislation has been under a lot of pressure to help reduce the risk of such accidents.  Commercial truck drivers on the other hand, have always used a number of techniques to help keep sleep away, including taking the naps, and increasing their intake of caffeine.  A new study out of Australia finds that long-haul commercial truck drivers who use caffeine, from a number of different sources, including coffee, tea and caffeinated energy drinks, may have a much lower risk of accidents.
The researchers based their analysis of 530 truck drivers who recently had been involved in an accident.  These drivers are compared with 517 long-haul commercial truck drivers who were not involved in an accident over the past year.  The researchers found that truck driver’s who drank caffeine in the form of coffee, tea or caffeinated energy drinks, were 63% less likely to be involved in an accident, compared to truck drivers who did not drink coffee, tea or caffeinated energy drinks. 
However, Los Angeles truck accident lawyers would warn against taking the results of the study to mean that truck drivers, who do not have enough time to sleep or enough rest, can simply consume gallons of coffee, and remain safe to drive.  The fact is that truck drivers need rest; the Federal House of Service rules are designed to require drivers to get frequent rest, during their workday.  This means they need the rest so that they are able to drive safely, and helps them stay focused and alert.
However, in those situations were a truck driver finds himself dozing off, and needs a quick pick me up, coffee could help.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mother-Son Duo Arrested for Drunk Driving

It’s a common scenario that many San Jose DUI lawyers come across.  A young man gets arrested for DUI, and immediately makes a call to his mother to come and get him from the station, leading to the parent speeding to the police station.  That is exactly what happened in Toronto, when a 27-year-old man who was charged with drinking and driving, called his mother to pick him up from the station.  Unfortunately, when the woman reached the station, she was arrested for DUI too.
It all began when the man was pulled over for speeding just north of Toronto.  He was administered a breathalyzer test, and was then taken to the police station for further testing.  He failed the test. 
He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.  Just a short while later his mother arrived at the police station to pick him up.  However, when she spoke to the office about her son's case, the officer detected the smell of alcohol on her breath.  She was immediately administered a breath test, which she failed.  She was also charged with DUI. 
Both the mother and son have had their vehicles impounded.  They also had their licenses suspended for a period of 90 days.
Obviously, certain sections of the media that have reported on this story have gone to town with it, and a mockery has been made of the situation here.  Unfortunately, in many cases, San Jose DUI lawyers find a DUI is generally the result of a horrible mistake.  Sometimes, it happens that a person drinks alcohol, and does not realize that the smell of alcohol continues to remain on his or her breath several hours later.  It is highly likely that this woman did not realize that there was alcohol on her breath when she got a call from her worried son.

Monday, 18 March 2013

College Education Doesn't Help African-American Women Avoid Divorce

Extensive research in this area has indicated that married couples, who have attended college, are much less likely to divorce, compared to couples with lower levels of education.  However, African-American women seem to be the exemption.  According to a new study, African-American women just don't seem to enjoy the same degree of protection from marital troubles that a college education or a college degree provides.
In the white population, a college education is associated with a much lower level of divorce, and San Jose divorce lawyers have seen this protective effect of a college degree in many generations of white woman.  However, among African American women, higher education is not necessarily linked to a lower risk of divorce.  The study was published recently in the Journal Family Relations, and found that while the divorce rate for white women has remained more or less steady since 1980, the divorce rate for African-American women is less stable. 
As part of the study, the researchers focused on white women as well as African-American women, who were in 5-year-old marriages.  During the course of the study, which analyzed couples from 1975 to 1979 ending in 1995 to 1999, researchers found that the number of white women with a college education increased consistently.  However, among African-American women, post secondary education rates peaked around the 80s, and began dropping again in the 90s.
During this period of time, the number of white women getting divorces actually declined, while there was an increase in the number of African-American women getting a divorce.
One possible explanation for this disparity between white and African-American women is that a college education typically translates into higher income and financial stability for a white woman.  That doesn't always happen for African-American women with the same level of education.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Lead Exposure Linked to Higher Risk of Juvenile Delinquency

Pediatricians have always been concerned about the risks to children from continuous exposure to lead in their environment.  Such exposure can be through old peeling paint in homes, lead in the soil, and old pipes.  Lead exposure can lead to lead poisoning, which can have serious health effects in newborns, children and pregnant women.  A new study however also links lead poisoning to a much higher risk of juvenile delinquency. 
According to the research, which analyzed data from the US Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, approximately half a million children between the age of one and 5 have blood lead levels which are higher than the level recommended by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.  The researchers suggest that having such high levels of lead toxicity in the blood, can possibly lead to juvenile delinquency. 
According to the researchers, the amount of lead exposure does not have to be massive for there to be some kind of effect on the person's behavior, which could possibly lead to an increased risk of juvenile delinquency.  Even small quantities of lead exposure can be toxic enough to have such harmful effects.
Overall, the researchers have concluded from the study that there are many benefits to be gained from enacting legislation to reduce the amount of lead exposure in the environment.  According to them, taking steps to reduce lead exposure could reduce crime, and could also increase high school graduation rates. 
The results of the study should be very interesting to any Alabama criminaldefense attorney, because the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention estimates that children in at least 4 million households in America are frequently exposed to lead poisoning.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Multitasking Drivers Are Least Safe Drivers

It’s become quite fashionable these days to claim prowess at multitasking.  Unfortunately, a new study finds that many drivers who believe that they are good at multitasking are actually quite poor at focusing on different tasks at a time.  That means that when such drivers combine operating a vehicle with talking on a cell phone or text messaging while driving, they're not able to do either efficiently.
New research conducted by professors at the University of Utah warns motorists against the complacent attitude that they're very good at multitasking.  The study found that the perception of multitasking ability was significantly inflated.  According to the researchers, most motorists who harbor under the illusion that they're good at multitasking are not really good at this. 
The study finds that people are very rarely as good at multitasking as they believe they are.  The research also indicates to Los Angeles personal injury lawyers that people often multitask because they are simply unable to filter out distractions, and focus on one task.
Unfortunately, nobody who drives and uses a cell phone simultaneously will admit to you that he cannot perform both of these activities at the same time.  Multitasking has been praised and elevated in our society which places people who perform a number of activities at the same time on a pedestal, believing them to be somehow more intelligent and skilled.  Plenty of media space is dedicated to encouraging people to save time and be more efficient by multitasking. 
Other findings of the research- drivers who are very good at multitasking do not bother to perform 2 or more tasks simultaneously.  That’s because these sensible drivers would like to focus on just one task at a time.