Tuesday, 21 May 2013

College Women at High Risk of DUI

Most young college students, who end up meeting with a San José DUI lawyer after being arrested for DUI, tend to be young males.  However, young women in college are now much more likely to engage in the kind of dangerous drinking practices that increase their risk of being arrested for DUI.  According to new research, female college students are now much more likely to indulge in binge drinking.
The research was published recently in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experiment Research.  The study involved a total of 922 college students including 575 females and 417 minutes.  The students who were recruited for the study were required to provide reports of their daily alcohol-related habits every two weeks, through a questionnaire. 
When the researchers analyzed the results of the questionnaires, they found that two- thirds of the men as well as women exceeded the National Institute on AlcoholAbuse and Alcoholism guidelines at least once during the year.  However, when it came to gender differences, more than 51% of the women exceeded their weekly limits at least once during the year, compared to 45% of the men.
Typically, women require at least seven alcoholic beverages to end up with a toxic blood alcohol level, compared to men who might require approximately 14 drinks on an average.  However women do not absorb alcohol the same way as men do, and therefore, the chances that they will drink more unknowingly, is much higher. 
Overall, drinking among female college students is lower than among male college students, but many female college students do not seem to have a grasp of safe weekly drinking habits.  This lack of knowledge can be dangerous, and can lead to an unexpected DUI arrest.

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