Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Former Catholic Deacon Sentenced to Six Years for Child Pornography

Convictions of clergymen who have been convicted of child sexual abuse and child molestation have become so commonplace over the past decade, which they don't even make the main headlines anymore.  In the most recent such conviction, a former Catholic Deacon in Alabama was sentenced to six years in prison on charges of child pornography, but not before also confessing to sexual abuse of children in the past.
82-year-old Robert L. Nouwen has a solid reputation in the community.  However, in spite of his reputation and advanced years, the judge was not willing to be lenient with him.  According to the judge, it is important to take into account the defendant's conduct, no matter what his age.
Nouwen was charged with ordering several dollars worth of movies from a Canadian company.  The US Postal Inspection Service was able to track down his location.  However, by the time he was arrested, he had managed to destroy the movies.  Officers searched his home as well as computer, but did not find any evidence of child pornography. 
The investigation was really not going anywhere, and officers were ready to give up, when Nouwen admitted to buying the movies.  He also admitted to numerous incidents of sexual abuse against young boys that he had committed in the past.
According to the law enforcement officers, they had no idea about these sexual abuse cases against young boys, and had not intended any investigation for these.  If he had not admitted to these crimes, they would never have had a clue.
His attorneys say that the sexual crimes are the result of an unnatural and undesirable family environment.  He lost his mother when he was five years old, and his alcoholic father then abandoned him.  He was then put in an orphanage when he was 12 years old, and was sexually abused at the orphanage.

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