Monday, 26 August 2013

School Holiday Stress Can Increase the Risk of Divorce

The long summer vacation can increase parental stress to the extent that they actually end up considering divorce.
According to a new study that was conducted in the United Kingdom, as many as 1/5th of British parents consider divorce after the long summer break. According to the survey that was conducted by an UK-based-divorce law firm, the holidays for many British parents are not just about having fun with their children. They are also a stressed time of the year.
The survey was based on a questionnaire that was given to more than 2000 adults, and found that as many as 1/5th of parents, actually consider divorce or separation just before the children are due to return to school after the summer. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, holidays can mean great financial stress parents.
One of the more common reasons why parents end up economically stressed is the need to take expensive vacations with the family. Most of the people in the survey admitted that they did feel high financial pressure during the summer holidays, and it wasn't just the vacations that contributed to this. Expensive childcare also contributed to the expenses for working parents.
Another reason why parents often postpone their divorce or separation plans till after the children's summer vacation, is timing. Many parents don't want to spoil the summer vacations with news of an impending divorce, and therefore postpone those plans till just before their children are due to return back to school.

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